Zero euro ATATÜRK 2019 – Euro Souvenir Banknote

The very first Zero Euro Souvenir Banknote designed for Turkey is available now. It is a limited edition of only 5000 banknotes printed by Oberthur printingworks, in France. The banknote bears some unique details such as the turned ‘8’ seen on the banknote’s yearmark, 1938, year of KEMAL death. It stands for infinity.

This banknote is the idea of a turkish private collector, Mr Ozgur HONAS. He created this banknote in cooperation with the EBM (Euro Banknote Memory, a french corporation that created the zero euro banknote concept - and the ESB (Euro Souvenir Bank) turkish licencee. Mr HONDAS intend to develop a series of banknotes dedicated to other Presidents of turkish Republic. This project is under valuation of President ERDOGAN’s services.

The turkish EBM licencee told the actual market price of the banknote was about 60 turkish lira, that is to say about €10. About 95% of printed banknotes will be sold on Turkey soil.

But price may rise to higher level, considering distribution scheme, the fact it is a limited edition (Mintage of 5 000 banknotes is the smallest one for a zero euro banknote) and interest of a large audience for ATATURK’s commemorative item. Moreover, the EBM licencee declared the banknote was sold out today, at its level.

Some numismatic dealers did anticipate this price evolution, selling already the banknote about €20.

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