Official Dealerpoint


Official Dealer:  Orhan Meletlioğlu

Orhan Meletlioğlu is a numismatic dealer specialized in mainly banknotes and ancient coins.
His store is based in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, also known as one of the oldest shopping centres in the world. Since January 25th 2019, Meletlioğlu is our first officiel 0 Euro-Turkey dealer & selling point in Istanbul.

The best way to find the Grand Bazaar selling point is to walk to the Beyazit Gate (one of the 4 main gates of the Grand Bazaar). Do not enter the Beyazit Gate, but turn left and then enter the first entrance on the right where you can find the store at Kapalı Çarşı Hacı Hüsnü Sokak No.11

  • Address:
    Kapalı Çarşı Hacı Hüsnü
    Sokak No.11 – Fatih, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Phone number:
    +90 (0)536 641 24 02
  • E-Mail:

- All Month October 2019: Single 0-euro banknotes available for order - Dismiss