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Dear collectors and customers,

We’ve noticed that there is a misunderstanding about our 0€-banknote concept, and we want to clarify those two things.

Last couple of days we’ve done a couple of interviews and we've notivced that there is some misintelligence about our project: Euro Souvenir Bank (ESB) has an exclusive 0€-banknote licence for operating in Turkey. We’ve read multiple plublished interviews and news articles about our – Euro Souvenir Bank concept. In those articles is written that the 0€-banknote "Atatürk" is an initative from the European Central Bank (ECB). That’s of course a false statement.

The project is a team-project in corporation with with Richard Faille (the founding father of the 0€-banknotes). Together we're exploring the Turkish 0€-banknote collectorsmarket. The ECB is included in this project, only for printing services. The printing process is carefully being monitored at one of their printing facilities, Oberthür Fiducaire.

We hope it's loud & clear for everyone so we can get rid of the misinformation.

A few more words about our exclusive "Mustafa Kemal Atatürk" 0€-banknote. Orders for our sold out 0€-banknote are still coming in from all over the world. The last orders which needs to be shipped will be shipped out in a few days from now. Atatürk is once again mentioned all over the world, and the limited availability of this 0€-banknote makkes it a unique collectors item.

Our new upcoming Turkish 0€-banknote editions will be about Turkish Culture & History, Sports, Tourism, Family and Education. In short: we want to marketize our 0€-banknote concepts. Millions of people around the world, collectors communities and tourists from across the globe will see how beautiful Izmir, Efes, Aspendos, Mersin, Ankara or Istanbul is!

May Atatürk be the first masterpiece of a splendid collection of unique and exclusive banknote-editions, which will circulate from San Fransisco to Sydney!


Kind Regards,

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