Sell & Trade

0-euro banknotes were first issued in France by Richard Faille in 2015. Four years later, dedicated groups of 0-euro collectors have emerged.

Our focus with our 0-euro journeys in Turkey, Greece, Romanian and Croatia is attracting new “enthusiasts” and collectors, anywhere in the world; to create more publicity for the 0-euro project in general.

For that reason we have started to create and implement our very own – and first – 0-euro Marketplace on the internet. Traders, dealers, collectors and enthusiasts of 0-euro banknotes can visit 0euromarket for purchasing or selling all kinds of 0-euro banknotes.

Fast, reliable and full of options – for both buyers and sellers. You can register for free and start buying or selling 0-euro banknotes. Sellers of 0-euro banknotes can start their own vendorstore with payment-integration via Paypal.

More information about 0euromarket will be available in our upcoming September Newsletter. For questions about 0euromarket, please contact us.

- All Month October 2019: Single 0-euro banknotes available for order - Dismiss