Production & Distribution

0 Euro Banknotes is part of the European Souvenir Bank N.V. and provides unique 0 Euro Souvenir Banknote editions printed at one of the official ECB printing facilities. The product has been registered as a trademark.

The Euro souvenir banknotes have excactly the same size as a 20 Euro banknote and contains every aspect of a real Euro banknote: watermark, printed on filigran bank paper, hologram, serial number & special security features to prevent counter fitting.

‘Printed by an official ECB printing facility’ is one of our unique selling points.

Since creation of the first 0 Euro banknotes in 2016, the market for tourists and collectors is also growing extensively. Currently, about 850 Euro Souvenir Banknotes (December 2018) are worldwide in circulation.

Each edition is limited to an amount of 5000 or 10000 souvenir banknotes which makes them a niche. Most seen topics are cities, special anniversary events, landmarks, castles, historical figures and soccer clubs. The Euro souvenir banknotes have a worldwide circulation and their state of the art quality turns them into collectibles. They create tourist and collector awareness of a topic and triggers people in getting to know more about the topic on the banknote itself.

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