0€ Banknote – Haiti 2019 [The Black Napoleon]

We are very pleased and proud to announce the first 0€ Banknote-edition of Haiti: The Black Napoleon.

This 0€ Banknote-edition is expected: End of May 2019.

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0€ Banknote – Haiti – The Black Napoleon]


The present collection of 0 Euro Souvenir Banknotes offers 3 Napoleon Bonaparte France editions. 0Euro Banknotes.eu presents ‘The Black Napoleon’, a tribute to general Toussaint l’Ouverture, liberator of Haiti.

L’Ouverture, a former slave himself led the uprising which founded the first non-slave country on the planet in 1804: Haiti! Bear in mind: 59 years later – Union president Abraham Lincoln made the announcement of the abolition of slavery during the American Civil War. This year Haiti will celebrate its 215th anniversary of independence.

0EuroBanknotes.eu has teamed up with the Haitian guide Johny Remy (Milot), presenting Unesco heritiages the ruins of palace Sans Souci and Citadelle Laferrière in Haiti and present the very first edition of ‘The Black Napoleon’, Haiti. The banknotes are printed in France at a highly secure printing facillity where 50 and 100 Euro banknotes are also manufactured. They bear the same quality: filigran banknote paper, serial number, watermark, hologram and several security protection measures which can only be seen by exposure to UV light.

0EuroSouvenir.eu 0€ Banknote ‘Le Napoleon Noir’ is the first official issued 0€ Banknote Souvenir for Central America – Caribbean. Hopefully It will encourage the activities Johny Remy – supporting the protection of Haitian cultural heritage and will boost future tourism to Haiti.

(At Haitian Cruise website Labadee, ‘Black Napoleon’ banknotes will be offered to tourists, visiting the island. Future Haitian 0€ Banknote Souvenirs will be presented during the summer of 2019.


‘The Black Napoleon ‘- Campaign / Public Relations
Approximately 75% of the first HAAA edition is designated for the community of Haitians residing in the United States. Various influential American politicians such as Congres woman Mia Love and entrepeneurs with Haitian roots will be contacted to support the Haitian cultural heritage and contribute to the process to support a stable Haiti. 0EuroBanknotes.eu – hopes to contribute a part of the profit  to the cultural heritage of Haiti and the nation in general. HAAA ‘The Black Napoleon’ is available for pre-ordering for the price of €4,90.


This 0€ Banknote-edition will be expected in May 2019.

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