Hundreds of Turkish 0 Euro banknotes in production, also with Turkish president Erdoğan?

A month ago the team introduced the 0 Euro souvenir ticket Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (photo below) and they knew that. It resulted in a ‘banknote run’ from collectors around the world and the TUAA Atatürk got the nickname ‘Kemal the Comet’.

On February 26 2019, the Atatürk serial numbers #1881 and #1938 were both auctioned for charity at a price of € 626,-. Ibrahim Gölgeli, one of the initiators of 0 Euro Turkey: ‘We knew people from European countries are enthusiastic 0 Euro souvenir collectors, but we can now speak of a Turkish tsunami.’


A collection series for Turkish football clubs


Photo: a Fenerbahçe '0 Euro note' (part of a special collection of legends and historical events)


The team is full of plans. Özgür Honça, numismat from Istanbul who oversees the operation in Turkey: ‘We have plans to launch an exclusive Turkish “presidential” series, an Ottoman history-series, next to a collection series for multiple Turkish football clubs (see photo above).


Photo: an Çanakkale '0 Euro note' (This note is part of the five new Turkish editions)

Photo: a Fatih Sultan Mehmet II '0 Euro note' (Conqueror of Constantinople, Istanbul)

Tribute to victims of the ’15 July ‘

Both banknotes are prototypes and talks with the July 15th Foundation in Turkey are in progress:



Photo 1: an Ömer Halisdemir '0 Euro note' - Ömer Halisdemir became a symbolic figure after he was killed in the night of the coup attempt when he tried to drive away putschists from the headquarters of the special units in Ankara. He was shot by FETÖ-linked soldiers after shooting pro-coup general Semih Terzi.
Photo 2: a Turkish coup '0 Euro note' (Tribute to the Turkish people who successfully rebelled against the attempted coup).


Adventure Quest

Based on the novel the Da Vinci Code – Turkish 0 Euro banknotes are designed with an extra dimension. Christian David Petermann, designer of the Turkish notes, explains: ‘In the banknotes like the Grand Bazaar Istanbul (see photo below) all kinds of “secrets” are hidden. They are the part of the online and offline gamequest: “Search” for the Ultimate 0 Euro banknote’.

When asked whether there will be an President Erdoğan 0 Euro edition, Honça replies diplomatically: “There is formal approval needed from the President, so we will see what the future will bring us.” The team from visit Ankara in March and will have talks with various political parties and the delivery of a very special serial number for President Erdoğan.

A preview from the exclusive Turkish “presidential” series

For the promotion of Turkey


Photo: A Cappadocia 0 Euro note (A prototype)


What is the mission of your 0 Euro banknote project?
Gölgeli: ‘Promotion of our beautiful Turkish country full with educational purposes and historical awareness. This week we received a great selfie with the 0 Euro Atatürk banknote from a Slovakia, with the question: What the building behind Atatürk is. It’s awesome that our Slovakian customer had a glance at Anitkabir Ankara, is not it? “


You can find the original Dutch news article from here


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