Pre-ordering is available!

As some of you already noticed, it’s now possible to pre-order one (or more) of the 5 brand new 0€ Banknote – Turkey editions and the first 0€ Banknote in Haiti (Caribbean). The first pre-orders already came in and in the next upcoming days we kick-off our official promotional campaign in the Turkish news media and online media platforms. Next to our Turkish promotional campaign we will launch our social media campaigns on all relevant social media platforms and we will start setting up the first official worldwide Points.

We again – expect a lot of media-attention, thanks to our highly dedicated Turkish media-partners. Make sure you place your pre-order for our new 0€ Banknote-editions, there is a chance it could be sold out in no-time again.



  • The minimum amount for pre-ordering is: 10 pieces
  • Pre-orders can be purchased via: Various Payment Methods
  • Urgent Questions – Please join our webchat at our website.



I would love to pre-order, but my order is less than 10 pieces – now what?
Please send an e-mail to We will contact one of our 0€ Banknote Ambassadors in your area. Our Ambassador (official dealer) will contact you by email and takes care of your pre-order(s).


I would love to pre-order over 100 pieces, maybe even 500?
No problem, we love to hear from you! –


When will I receive my pre-ordered 0€ banknotes?
All 6 new 0€ Banknote-editions are expected for May 2019.
We will immediately start the shipping process once they arrive. We will keep you in the loop via e-mail.

I have great knowledge, experience and expertise – Is it possible for me to join the as an Ambassador/Dealer?
Ofcourse, contact us and introduce yourself! 😉 –

Our current team, ambassadors and advisors consists out of people with expertise on various areas, like: Numismatics, Marketing, Business Development, Graphic Design & Printing, Community Management, Dealers, Tourism & Travel – to name a few.

If you have a brilliant idea or a great suggestion, just send us an e-mail!


Who can I contact for information/questions?
The most quick and efficient way is to join our webchat at our website. (be sure you are logged in on your personal account). Just type down your question in our chat or send “Community Help” a private message. Our Community Help-team will be at your service.



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