General Questions.

A 0€ banknote (0 euro) is a banknote souvenir collectible. There is a small - mostly European - community of collectors, businesspeople and sellers who are active in the world of 0€ banknotes. These souvenirs are around since 2016 and gained popularity within Europe. We are planning to "marketize" our Turkish, Greek, Romanian, Croatian (and other 0€ banknote-editions) to a broader - worldwide - audience, including the tourist market.
Euro Souvenir Banknotes B.V. / is an official 0-euro licensee for Turkey, Greece, Croatia & Romania. This means we can create beautiful 0€ banknote editions for those four countries. (and other countries too of course). Out team consists of a group of dedicated people and a dealer-network, which has great experience and knowledge about subjects like: marketing - graphic design - business development - community building - advertising - collecting & trading - advertising and concept-development.
At this moment there are about 950+ 0€ banknote-editions in circulation, mostly in Europe. Countries like Germany & France (who are active in the 0-euro souvenir-market since 2016-2017) have the most souvenir-banknotes in circulations. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 some other European countries (licensees) joined the 0-euro project. Currently there is a collectors-market for 0-euro banknotes. The community exists out of people who buy, sell and trade its banknotes (because of the limited availability). Another party of the community are die-hard collectors. We have experienced that for some of our Turkish 0€ banknotes-editions the demand was huge, but the availability was limited. Out first official Turkish 0€ banknote - TUAA featuring Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was sold out within hours and prices on eBay went through the roof - like between 50 and 200 dollars sale prices for that banknote souvenir. We will focus for a big part on the flourishing tourist-industry, so collectors worldwide can collect their favorite banknote souvenirs from f.e. their favorite soccer club, their favorite museum or landmark, from their favorite holiday spot or from a famous person in history.
At the moment you can buy our 0€ banknote-editions in our webshop or via one of our official dealers. At our webshop the minimum order amount is 10 pieces, while you can get single pieces at our dealer-network. You can buy our 0€ banknotes in our webshop via a selection of payment gateways like: Visa/Mastercard - eBay - iDeal - Sofortbanking - AliPay - GiroPay and a few others.
If you have questions, suggestions, remarks and/or some feedback, please send us a so called "HelpTicket". Our support-team will assist you in getting in contact with the person you need from ESB/ For business inquiries, please send a mail to:

(pre)Ordering 0€ banknotes.

At first you need to create an user-account on our website. After that you can order your desired 0€ banknotes. You can via online banking (multiple options), via Visa/Mastercard or PayPal. Once we have received your order, we will ship it within the next 24 hours. For pre-ordered 0€ banknotes you will receive your invoice in your e-mail and we will send you an email when your pre-ordered items will be shipped.
At what moment in time, your pre-order will arrive depends from one factor and that's the current production time. We can't influence or speed-up things (8-12 weeks needed for printing the banknotes at on of the European Central Banks printing facilities). With some luck our banknote-souvenirs arrive at our doorstep in 6 weeks, but it could also take up to 10 weeks. When the banknotes eventually arrive at our doorstep, we start immediate shipping to all "pre-ordered customers".
If you want to buy 100+ banknotes, you will get a very attractive discount. Before ordering anything, please send an email to:

Dealer Topics

Our dealers are currently located in a couple of countries like: Turkey, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Haiti, Slovakia and Greece. On our "Dealers & Sales Network" page you can find an overview of our current dealers and get in touch with any of them.
At this moment (14.07.2019) there are none of our 0€ banknotes available at tourist locations in Turkey or any other countries. BUT... we are in serious talks with various partners, distributors, souvenirshops, museums and other landmarks - to get our banknote-souvenirs out there.
Dealers get discounted prices if they order/pre-order 100+ or more 0€ banknotes. Why? Because we want to show appreciation to every single dealer who believes in us. Next to that you can start selling the banknotes on various MarketPlaces like eBay, Amazon or others - and might earn some extra income by hopping on the 0-euro train (and start stelling banknotes)

Business Enquiries.

Business-proposals are always welcome! Just send an email to - and we will get in touch with you.
Currently we're actively selling from our Sales Point in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. We are in serious talks with various partners, distributors, souvenirshops, museums and other landmarks - to get our banknote-souvenirs out there. If you know a great location, send us your proposal!
Great! All ideas, suggestions and feedback are welcome. Get in touch with us via and tell us some more about your idea, so we can have a good talk about it.

- All Month October 2019: Single 0-euro banknotes available for order - Dismiss