Pre-ordering is available!

As some of you already noticed, it’s now possible to pre-order one (or more) of the 5 brand new 0€ Banknote – Turkey editions and the first 0€ Banknote in Haiti (Caribbean). The first pre-orders already came in and in the next upcoming days we kick-off our official promotional campaign in the Turkish news media […]

In The News

The latest news about new 0 Euro Banknote series, launches, sales media coverage and other developments.’Kemal has Arrived’!The very first 0 Euro Souvenir Banknote designated for Turkey is already SOLD OUT…  Read more!€0 banknote MIF Maastricht 2018 sold out!The Dutch 0€ Souvenir Banknote (MIF 2018) sold out in 2 days during the MIF International Money Fair which […]

- All Month October 2019: Single 0-euro banknotes available for order - Dismiss